Our Capabilities

Power Logic's innovative technologies integrated engineering expertise with sophisticated simulation software and test equipments which enables Power Logic to develop high performance, low noise and cost effective solutions.
The advanced software can simulate the fan airflow, bearing balancing, heat sink and etc. for complete system thermal design.

Well Certified Lab

Power Logic Lab is always ready provide the component and board such as reliability, performance, structure, chemical, acoustic, RoHS, and High Acceleration Life Test.


Mockup Center

Power Logic has a dedicated in-house Mock Up Center with CNC machines to work on prototype engineering samples with short development cycle.

Tooling and Fixture Center

Power Logic has Sheet Metal and Plastics tooling capabilities as well. Power Logic can design and make the tools in a shorter period of time to meet customer's mass production schedule. In addition, Power Logic Fixture Center can design and work out the fixture to increase productivity and yield rate.