Quality Engineering and Control

Power Logic can provide component and board tests in design stage. We can shorten the product development cycle.

In the Reliability Lab:

We can perform a series of test to evaluate or verify the performance of the product prototype including :
Sound Power, Sound Pressure, Sound Quality and Wind Tunnel tests.

In the Reliability Lab:

Power Logic is capable of carrying out all kind of test to ensure the product can fulfill the strict requirements of
customers. We can perform: Temperature Test (High and low temperature), Drop Test, Thermal Shock Test, Balance Test, Lock Test, Life Test, ON/OFF Test, Salt Mist Test, Vibration Test and etc. The most advanced High Acceleration Life Test can perform aging test in the short period and help engineer to locate design and structure problem.

In the RoHS Lab:

In order to fulfill the requirements of RoHS instructions, Power Logic can also conduct full RoHS tests with XRF.